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Dinos on the Loose!

DinoTreasures_187 DinoTracks

Just as some people dig and look for pirate treasure, some scientists dig and look for treasures, too. These treasures may not be gold or jewels but fossils. Following in the footsteps of
Dino Tracks, Dino Treasures takes young readers into the field with paleontologists as they uncover treasured clues left by dinosaurs. Readers will follow what and how scientists have learned about dinosaurs: what they ate; how they raised their young; how they slept, fought, or even if they ever got sick. True to fashion, the tale is told through a rhythmic, fun read-aloud that can even be sung to the tune of Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Written by Rhonda Lucas Donald and illustrated by Cathy Morrison.
Out now from
Arbordale Publishing.


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