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Mummies Cover Dino Treasures Dino Tracks
Deep in the Desert Fennec Fox Plush

If a Mummy Could Talk is now out! Dino Treasures and Dino Tracks are on the loose! And get Deep in the Desert and the perfect pal to go with it at Arbordale Publishing. Download the free 58-page desert Teaching Activity Guide. A free 40-page Dino Tracks and Dino Treasures Teaching Activity Guide is also available for download.
Winner of a silver medal in the 2011 Moonbeam
Children’s Book Awards!

Included in the 2012 Kansas NEA Reading Circle Catalog!

Both books are available in hard cover, soft cover, and as e-books. Now for iPad through Arbordale’s Fun eReader Picture Books. Beautiful illustrations, educational activities, and it reads aloud to children in English and Spanish!

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Life on Other Planets

Explore Life on Other Planets, from Franklin Watts.

Endangered Animals The Ozone Layer Recycling Air Pollution Water Pollution

Endangered Animals, The Ozone Layer, Recycling, Air Pollution, and Water Pollution are part of a True Books environmental series by Children’s Press.

Animal Rights: How You Can Make a Difference and Plastic, both
from Capstone Press
Animal Rights